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"Treating our clients like we would want to be treated."

"Bear in mind, it can all change in the snap of a finger!"

Counseling & legal representation

At McGlathery Law we believe in treating our clients like we want to be treated.  While practicing law is at the core of what we do, we believe there is more that goes into every case we handle.  Each client and case has its own unique value.  

In addition to just learning about the legal issues in each client’s case, we pride ourselves in getting to know the people we represent, their families and their interests in life.  When this is done it allows us to be on a more personal level with our clients.

Partner with us to get experienced advice.

Our primary focuses are on personal injury, hurricane and environmental land claims.  In the ideal world people would not get injured or have damages to their personal property.  Unfortunately people make mistakes and things happen.  

The human spirit is something that is truly remarkable.  Our firm’s mission is to help take part in making people whole for damages they have sustained, and uplift them in the process.  Bear in mind, it can all change in the snap of a finger!

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